De Groote Voort: ‘Agrarian Entrepreneur 2016’

On Thursday 31 March the makers of Remeker cheese received a cheque for €12,500 from Secretary of State Martijn van Dam.
The award event took place in Hotel Theatre Figi, Zeist, The Netherlands.

The jury’s report

Business partnership De Groote Voort
Jan Dirk, Irene and Peter van de Voort

This partnership is a prime example of a headstrong company that is determined to do things its way in creating their own cheese, Remeker.
Everything on this organic farm with Jersey cows is ultimately focussed on taste. Everything, from how the land is used to the buildings, from what the animals are fed to how the cheese rind is made.
With this cheese Jan Dirk, Irene and Peter van de Voort have created and consolidated an extremely strong position in the market.
Everything about this company is an expression of their passion.
The Remeker concept is truly amazing. Each and every link in the production chain is sustainable. The cowshed, the shop, the ripening warehouse, even the reception area  they’re all a consistent part of a uniform picture.
The organisation is compact. Everyone clearly knows what part he or she plays.
Business partnership De Groote Voort is innovation.
The company gets support from Wageningen University in developing their ideas; a good example is the washed rind using their own ghee.
They have organised their own retail network of delicatessen shops.
Although the cost price of the milk is significantly higher, that is more than compensated for by the selling price of the cheese.
The margin is exceptional. And without any increase in size, they’ve managed to triple their turnover.
De Groote Voort has acquired a highly respectable reputation among top restaurants and delicatessen shops.

On behalf of the jury, Albert Jan Maat
Zeist, 31 March 2016


Although in Dutch, the clip below gives a lively impression of the excitement of winning this prestigious award:

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