Participate in the Remeker story: ‘The Land Coop’

    Prize-winning Remeker cheese is made on De Groote Voort, the unique dairy farm and cheese production unit in Lunteren.
    Milk from our very own Jersey cows is the raw material for Remeker cheese.
    To ensure an ongoing supply of high-quality milk of consistent purity, we work closely with Mother Nature, the customers who value our products and the way we do our business… and, of course, with our wonderful cows!

    The very foundation of our dairy and cheese farm is ultimately the land – the meadows that provide the grass, flowers and herbs that our cows eat and that in the end determine how the cheese tastes.
    And crucial to this whole production chain is the attention we give to maintaining and nourishing the precious health of the soil.

    Now you, too, can contribute to this process by participating in the Remeker Land Coop.

    How does it work?

    You can participate by becoming a holder of one or more of the certificates issued by the Remeker Land Coop.
    As the owner of a certificate, you automatically become a member of the Coop.
    With the capital generated by the sale of certificates, the Coop buys land around De Groote Voort.
    The Coop then rents the land to the dairy farm.

    Soil management

    Since modern agricultural methods may have been applied on the land around the farm, the fields that the Coop buys first require several years of careful management to restore them to natural, organic farmland.
    When, with our help, Nature’s balance has once again been established, we apply for Skal certification.
    With the organic certification as a solid basis, we continue to invest in the quality of the soil in various ways that include:

    • The specially designed deep litter cowshed supports and encourages the cows to follow their own natural rhythm in going out to graze. From spring to December, the cows have free access to the meadows, both day and night.
    • The cows not only graze, but they leave their manure in the fields. We top up this natural fertiliser with manure from the cowshed, some rockdust and a little slurry.
    • Because the slurry is low in nitrogen and therefore easy on the environment, we have acquired a special permit that allows us to spread it on the ground, instead of injecting it in the soil. Besides, we use a traditional cart that, because of its light weight, also protects the soil.
    • The meadows are home to a broad range of various grasses, clover and herbs that the cows eat selectively.
    • Our Jersey cows are never given antibiotics, thus ensuring a healthy, pure, natural cycle and equally healthy, vital soil.
    • Our cows receive mineral supplements: herbs, nuts and fruits. Such natural nutrition contributes significantly to their health as well as guaranteeing the truly organic way De Groote Voort operates.

    The farm’s consistent soil management philosophy – continued enrichment with minerals and organic material (compost, manure) – results in an increase in soil fertility and vitality.
    This is a very important fact, considering the worldwide decline in soil fertility.


    Certificates are issued for €25,000 – the value of approximately one third of a hectare (about 0.8 acres).
    Interest (currently 1.5%) on the certificates is paid out of the rent that De Groote Voort pays to the Coop Fund.
    The rate of interest is determined by the general assembly of the Remeker Land Coop.

    Agricultural land has proven to be a relatively stable investment. However, past results should in no way be perceived as a guarantee for the future.

    Want to know more about investing in the Land Coop?

    Please send an email with your details.