On our traditional farm De Groote Voort (‘the big ford’) we make Remeker cheese as Nature intended.

    The only milk we use comes from our own Jersey cows and is unpasteurised.
    The resulting cheese is 100% organic – including the rind, made from our own ghee – and just a short dip in the brine vats ensures that it is ideal for those who are on a reduced salt diet.

    Since 2004 our cows are totally free of antibiotics, receiving – where necessary – purely natural remedies.
    Their best daily medicine is their diet of grass and clover, along with the rich variety of other herbs that belong naturally to their pastures.
    Occasionally they get a treat of raw oats, rye and other unrefined grains.

    The meadows where the cows graze are fertilised with the straw-rich manure from the deep litter cowshed that was specially designed for cows that are allowed to keep their horns.