Our land

    At De Groote Voort we are responsible for some 16 meadows, some 50 hectares (124 acres).
    The soil is where it all begins – the first living organism of our business.
    No wonder we care for it with heart and soul!
    This soil is so old, it commands respect. At the same time, it is our task to look after it.
    If we invest in the soil, by using fermented stable manure and by not applying artificial fertilisers, the soil and all the insects and micro-organisms it is home to will flourish and provide an abundant crop of grass.


    Both clover and grass grow in the meadows.
    Clover is at the very heart of organic agriculture. Because its root system is able to bind essential nitrogen from the air in a completely natural way, additional (artificial) nitrogen fertilisers are unnecessary.
    The grass is rich and tasty and nourishes our cows well.
    Besides this grass, the cows are given freshly crushed organic grains that we purchase.
    It is our goal to have more land under cultivation so that we can grow our own grain and be certain of the high quality inherent to our farm and our philosophy.