Remeker ghee filmpje

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Remeker is made at “De Groote Voort”farm in Lunteren. Eight meadows are part of this dairyfarm. One of these meadows has a historical name, Remeker. From this name we have derived the name of our cheese. In old Dutch, a ‘reem’ is a meadow, and ‘eker’means oak. For this reason the meadows are bordered by oaks. A row of oaks form a wooded bank. These wooded banks are characteristic to the landscape in the ‘Gelderse Vallei’.


There are one hundred Jersey cows at “De Groote Voort”, beautiful, small Brown cows with large  unicoloured brown eyes. The jersey cow is a self-willed cow that gives extra thick/rich milk

The making of cheese

Every other day, the raw milk that comes from our cows is turned into cheese, in our dairy.By processing the milk ourselves, it’s being special can manifest itself in the cheese.We let the cheese mature in our cheese warehouse, in order to let the taste develop slowly. Six months old cheese is called Remeker; cheese that is 18 months old is called Olde Remeker. We now also have a cheese with a natural rind, the Remeker pure. This cheese matures for 8 to 9 months.

Quality as a mirror

All elements of the enterprise, the grass, the cows, the manure/dung, the milk and the cheese, interact and thus mirror quality. If something does not go well, we always try to look at the properties of a process, at how nature, in all its abundance, meant it to be originally/in an original way. This is the way to get a good balance in the components and to get it right as a whole.The taste of the cheese stems from it.